Is that a valid procedure: OAuth requests per user



I wanted to know if that’s allowed (without blacklisting):
I authenticate the user with OAuth and I’ll save this access_token in my database.
Now I could fetch for every user every hour (if needed) with each own access_token their own tweets.
Is that a allowed/valid procedure?
Are the requests (350/hour) based on that access_token or my server (ip) which sends the requests?


Rate limiting for searh API is applied on your server’s IP. Whether a user has logged in or not does not make a difference.

Rate limiting for REST API is 150 for anonymous requests and 350 for authenticated requests.

Streaming API is much better when it comes to repeated queries. May even be considered to be unlimited practically in many applications.

For detailed info on rate limiting you can check it here:


For authenticated requests, the 350 counts per access token, so if you have two users authorize your application, you can issue 350 authenticated requests on behalf of each of them.