Is profile_image_url_https always return images from


Our site shifted from http to https and based on observation, before using https, we’re able to get different cdn urls (like… or…) for profile images then afterwards, profile_image_url_https always return… . Does it really always return

Also, upon trying, si0 to si5 are returning the same images for a specific user. Is it safe to assume that this applies for all users’ profile_image_url_https? And is it okay to use these other cdn urls?

Hoping for your quick response and thanks a lot in advance!


I would not sequence through the hosts – accept the hosts you’re given by the API. I’d also not rely on any host names remaining the same – they could be subject to sudden, undocumented change. That said, the possibilities outlined in [node:10796] should be here to stay for some time.


If we’ll retain on using what the API is giving us, will it always be coming from Isn’t it advisable to use different cdn so that at least more images can be loaded asynchronously? Because in our case, our page loads a lot of images and we need to optimize this situation.

With regards to optimization, can Twitter API return or do you guys have compressed user profile images?

Also, will there be a rule or policy that we will violate if ever we store these profile images on our server?


Hi @episod! Just want to follow-up regarding my questions above. Thanks a lot!