Is port number supported


We are trying to get Twitter Cards rendered for some content on our site by dynamically create a public page for that content an opening an Intent with the url in its body. The generated page its a blank page wich only renders meta tags in <header> so from browsers you only see blank.

Problem is that it isn’t working neither on Cards Validator (Unable to render Card preview. Log: ERROR: Fetching the page failed because the request timed out.) or when trying to post a Tweet with that url. But the page can be accessed normaly from the browser.

The card Type is summary_large_image. The url contains Port number (, could this be the problem?


Yes, I’ve seen issues where URLs include port numbers, if you can remove that I think you’re more likely to have success.


Thanks for the quick answer. Could you suggest any solution that doesn’t imply removing the port number? Or any other possible cause of the problem?


There are other reasons why this might not work - perhaps we are unable to resolve your DNS address or the ping is too long. I do know that having a port number in your URL is likely to cause a problem though, based on past experience. I’d start there.