Is my app blacklisted? (



We just launched the website , where we use the twitter rest api to pull up people’s tweets that have no favorites or retweets and show them in a funny context.

The backend is written in node.js, and we’re using a library called twit, and passport-twitter to authenticate.
We’re making about 4 requests to get 800 tweets, and then showing users a selection of those tweets. (tweets that aren’t retweeted or favorites.)

We’ve been getting some press in the last couple of hours, and people started using it, but the app doesn’t seem to work for most people. We get the error the error ‘rate limit exceeded’. (Status code 429)

We can’t seem to figure it out on our hand so we think our app might be blacklisted because of the number of api calls?

Does anyone know if my app is blacklisted and what we can do about it?
Any help is appreciated.