Is it proper to use multiple API accounts for the same app?


I wouldn’t normally have considered this, until I read the following in the Twitter docs:

If user A launches application Z, and app Z makes 10 calls to user A’s mention timeline in a 15 minute window, then app Z has 5 calls left to make for that window

Then user A launches application X and app X calls user A’s mention timeline 3 times, then app X has 12 calls left for that window

The remaining value of calls on application X is isolated from application Z’s, despite the same user A

This seems to imply that a single user can have multiple API accounts. Clearly this is a way around the rate limit issues, hence I’m sceptical.

Could someone confirm? Thanks in advance.


Not quite sure what you mean by “API accounts” but if a single user has authorized 10 applications each one of those application/users pairings gets a rate limit bucket. This is of course mostly for GET requests as POST requests like creating tweets tend to be user global for the user regardless of how many apps are making requests.


Sorry - I didn’t explain too well.

I have application X. It makes read requests that are subject to a rate limit of max 450 requests per 15 minutes.

I can get round this to some extent by registering application Y, which, from what I understand, has its own, separate bucket of another 450 requests per 15 minutes.

In reality, both applications serve the same website of mine. So in effect, I can register multiple applications with Twitter and help avoid the rate limits. Hence I’m not sure if this is proper - or is this normal?


Rate Limits. You will not attempt to exceed or circumvent limitations on access, calls and use of the Twitter API (“Rate Limits”), or otherwise use the Twitter API in a manner that exceeds reasonable request volume, constitutes excessive or abusive usage, or otherwise fails to comply or is inconsistent with any part of this Agreement.

Developer Agreement


Yeah that’s exactly what I would expect, but how to square that with the docs I quoted, which seem to suggest multiple applications is fine? Or is the implicit assumption there that the developer is using those multiple applications for separate, unrelated projects, and not as a means to get round rate limits?


The documentation is specifying applications from different developers or different products (E.g. Tweetbot, Hootsuite, Faclon). Not “applications” that are breaking the Developer Agreement (E.g. Spam App 1, Spam App 2, Spam App 3).


It is fine to have multiple, different app keys associated with your account, and use them for different apps. Do not use them to circumvent rate limits, that’s not playing fair, and will result in app and/or account suspension.