Is it possible to update placements for a line item?




I’m trying to update the placements for a line item via:
PUT accounts/:account_id/line_items/:line_item_id

Apparently the response of the API it’s OK but when I retrieve the line item again, it is not updated.

For the other fields, I’m able to update.

If you can confirm if it’s possible or not.



Hi @dreyacosta,

I don’t think so, due to the fact that they’re totally different “products”


The thing is you can do it via interface.


Yes, you’re right, but you should take care of two things:

1 - All line items inside the same campaign should have same placements.

2 -Ads API documentation doesn’t say anyting about the field PLACEMENTS in the PUT endpoint:


@hector_borras in regards to your #1, you can create line items with different placements in the same campaign, but you just won’t get delivery on line items that have different placements than your first line item that you created.

In regards to #2, I tried this => and you cannot use PUT to update the placement of a line_item.


@msbukkuri: regarding the line items with different placements: if they have the placement of the first line item created and another added placement, would the line items not get delivery at all just because they contain an added placement? Or will it get delivery only on the placement that coincides with the first line item’s placement, and not on the other placement?


@majoritasdev I didn’t test that. I only tested the situation where they had different placements altogether. But this would be a good test to perform. Or get a Twitter member to comment and confirm this behavior.