Is it possible to "track" tweets containing links to sub-domains using the top-level domain as a keyword?


I am trying to sift the Twitter public stream for tweets which contain links to any of our website’s many sub-domains using the top-level domain, i.e., not I am using “google” (in this example) as the keyword to track. According to the Twitter documentation for “track” this should not work:

URLs are considered words for the purposes of matches which means that the entire domain and path must be included in the track query for a Tweet containing an URL to match. Note that display_url does not contain a protocol, so this is not required to perform a match.

Twitter currently canonicalizes the domain "" to "" before the match is performed, so omit the "www" from URL track terms.

However, according to the keyword matching tool, it should work:

Terms that would match this tweet: (the tracking terms are made lowercase before comparison, fullwidth and halfwith are considered different)

I’ve seen “google” match tweets containing links to ", in practice, but it doesn’t seem to be working any longer. So, I’m wondering how/if this is supposed to work as the documentation and the keyword tool seem to be conflict with one another as I pointed out. Any insight would be much appreciated.



Actually, this does still appear to be working. I guess the documentation is just out-of-date then?


Thanks for the report, we’ll update the documentation.