Is it possible to target particular users?



I saw mysocialdatabase football demo where they say they can target particular users. However, from twitter api, I saw two options

  1. “Add followers: Targeting @usernames allows you to reach users with interests similar to followers of any of those accounts. For example, enter @TwitterAds to target people likely to be interested in advertising on Twitter”
  2. “List: Upload your own list of emails, Twitter IDs, or mobile advertising IDs.”

So if I use the first option it’s general (probably) and if I use the second - it will promote with the feed of the exact users I’m uploading?


Yes, the latter we call Tailored Audiences and there are several ways of creating them but the one that is the easiest to understand is the List scenario. Other than that you can have audiences created from tags within apps or websites, or some data and ads partners have access to create and upload audiences from their data (often thought of as syncing their data warehouse to our system). All of these target specific users, but only users that have been active within the last few months are eligible to be targeted.

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