Is it possible to store additional values in Twitter profile?


I was wondering is there a way to create new fields in a profile? For example could I write an add-in of some sort that put a PGP or S/MIME encryption key in my profile and make it public?

I walked through the API documentation and these forums and I didnt see a way to make this happen.

Basically the end-game I want is to use the APIs to search for these keys.


Hi Ryan,

There’s currently no way to associate arbitrary key/value pairs with a profile – the fields available to the API and user like Location, Name, Description, and Screen Name are pretty much the only distinct pieces of of data associable with a user.


I figured as much, how would someone go about formally requesting additional fields? If it were posible for a profile to contain a PGPEncryptionCertificate and/or SMIMEEncryptionCertificate it would solve a blocking issue that has prevented ubiquitos private peer communication on the internet. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have become the directory in the sky folks wanted in the 90s to enable these technologies to work seamlessly :slight_smile:


We won’t likely ever add such specific fields to a profile – probably not worth your time to make a feature request – but you can always send a note to @support if you’re persistent about it. As a company, we’re most likely to keep things simple and minimalist in this regard.


I get that, also not too unexpected. Hrm… How long do things stay searchable in feeds? I mean if one was to post “hey my key is here: xxx” would it be searchable forever?


Twitter should consider to add PGP Public key at Profile section. Facebook already implemented it.