Is it possible to signin at twitter web page via OAuth Token in a POST message?




I need to know if it is possible to start a session at Twitter web page by sending an OAuth token in a POST instead of using Twitter’s Signin form.

My use case is that the user authenticates in my application, and my application offers a link to Twitter’s session. This link would manage authentication with OAuth and then send the user to Twitter web page, adding the OAuth token on that redirection, so no additional login is needed.

Is it possible?



It’s not possible. You basically have two options.

  1. OAuth web flow is the standard and recommended method. You generate an OAuth request token, send the user to in a browser where they authenticate and authorize acces and then exchange the request token for an access token.

  2. xAuth is an extension of OAuth where you send a username/password to the Twitter API and get an access token back. This option is restricted and you have to apply for access from Twitter.