Is it possible to show private lists as a timeline?



I was wondering if its possible to show private lists using the Twitter Kit SDK, at this moment specifically for android.

I’m having some problems getting a private list to show up as a timeline.

I’ve gotten public lists to show, and general user feeds to show, which leads me to believe this is a problem having to do with the list being private.

The Twitter SDK is being authed using the single ‘application key/secret’ set, so I’m not sure why the requests aren’t returning any results. We do not let the user auth with their twitter login or anything like that. My line of thinking was that the app should be authorized to show the private list, since it is authed using the application key/secret. We have python scripts using the REST API that are able to do the same thing (login, add/edit/update/view PRIVATE lists). I tried changing setting the Twitter App permission to read, write + DM to see it things would work, however this didn’t change anything, and our other scripts work without changing this permission.

To sum it up: Is it possible to show a private list as a timeline? Is there a reason why I am able to read the private list through the REST api but not the Twitter Kit Android SDK?



You’d have to have user authentication available in order to access a private list. If you don’t enable Twitter login, you won’t have that.


Sounds good. Thanks for the quick response @andypiper!