Is it possible to show only the counter in followers button?


At present the followers button have an option to show only the text “Follow” without the twitter id in the button but it do not have an option to show only counter in the followers ballon like the tweet button. Is it possible to implement tweets ballon type ballon in Follow button? I’ve gone throught he discussion -


Having the name of the user who is going to be followed is really important so that the user has full cognizance of who they are about to follow – so it’s not likely you’ll see this feature from us at this time.


I am aware of this. I was asking about the counter baloon. In tweet button it is not showing n tweets where n is come number. It just shows the number in the baloon. But in followers there is no option like that. It is always showing n followers.


I want to a follow button like this “Follow @tweetravig” > [142] and now like “Follow @tweetravig” > [142 followers]. Is this possible?


@tweetravig Hello Ravindra, I have the same problem as you, I wonder if you have found any solution for this problem (have you?). I would really apreciate your help! Thank you!!


@ipadysakova Sorry to say that I didn’t found a solution yet. Searching for that. Will let you know if I found some. Please try from your side too.


hi you can get the counter of followers with JSON and add it near the button (without the number of followers), the code that you can use is: (note that I’m using jquery)
url: ‘’,
dataType: ‘jsonp’,
success: function (data) {

The XXXXX is the name of profile of twitter