Is it possible to 'set' the icon state for Tweet Actions?



I’m adding a little custom styled Tweet box to a website and I’m using the branding images from:

I’m using the version 1:

I was wondering about the “On” States for Icons: Tweet Action. Is that just meant to be the ‘mouse-down’ or can I get something from the data that tells me if a Tweet has been Retweeted or Favorited?


  • You should make sure to move to v1.1 of the API since v1 is now deprecated
  • If you’re making the request to user timeline with the access token belonging to the end-user, you can determine if they have favorited or retweeted the tweet from the perspectival “favorited” and “retweeted” booleans in each tweet. If they are true, the current user interacted with that action at some time
  • If you’re not using an end-user’s access token, there’s really no way to determine the existing state of those buttons


I would like to do that. I don’t get how to authenticate in order to get my user_timeline.json.

I’m using jQuery’s ajax and I created an Application here. I’m struggling with how to authenticate. Is there some documentation I can refer to?



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