Is it possible to pause or delete Line Items and Promoted Tweets?



Is it possible to either pause or delete both Promoted Tweets and Line Items? I know this is possible for Campaigns. Or, is there a way to definitively know whether a Promoted Tweet is still active or not?

My goal is to fetch analytics for a set of promoted tweets, and I’d like to know whether or not the promoted tweets are still active and being redistributed, or not (for whatever reason - whether the line item was deleted, the campaign paused, etc). It’d be great if there was some sort of live key in the API response for promoted tweets, that would indicate whether or not the Promoted Tweet is still active.



Hi @obscyuriy! I’ve done the exact same thing.

Promoted tweets can’t be paused, but they do have a deleted member which tells you whether that ad (i.e. promoted tweet) has been deleted or not. If it hasn’t been deleted, you must inspect the statuses of its line item and campaign to see if the ad is being delivered (i.e. live) or not.


thanks @majoritasdev!