Is it possible to get Twitter cards information using REST API?



Hi, I am implementing a simple twitter feed using REST API. The feed isn’t looking good when tweets contain URL, where the page pointed to by URL has Twitter card in place.

I understand that Twitter caches Twitter card information. Is there any REST API end point that can share cached information (especially the image)?

Same feed on Twitter looks excellent with image media, but the feed from my implementation isn’t that excellent for those posts since only Tweet text is available.

Could anyone please suggest any efficient approach to get image from Twitter card?

Thank you so much.


There’s no way to get Cards data in the REST API, but if you use an embedded timeline then most (if not all) card types will be included.


Hi, Thank you so much for the reply.
Does Twitter has any plans to include media entity information from Twitter card?

Wouldn’t that increase value of Twitter card when third party Twitter apps can also show card media?


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