Is it possible to get multiple media entries in certain entities when using GET statuses/user_timeline?


I’m using statuses/user_timeline to get an array of all the user’s entries in their timeline. In each entity there’s a ‘media’ array, and so the expectation is that for tweets with more than one picture, there would be more than one item in that array. However, I’m only seeing one entry in the media array, regardless of how many pictures are in the tweet.


We hope to offer support for tweets with multiple images in the near future. The API does not yet support this feature.


Thanks for the clarification. I’ll hold tight until it’s available :slight_smile:


Any updates on this one?


Hi, any updates on this issue? I am working with statuses/user_timeline to get all the user’s tweets, still see one entry in the media array regardless of how many pictures in the tweet.


Are you also using the tweet_mode=extended option? I don’t otherwise remember the status of this change as it was so long ago.


No, there is no ‘tweet_mode=extended’ option when using GET statuses/user_timeline.

I got the solution. I should parse ‘extended_entities’ instead of ‘entities’ to get multiple media entries.

Thank you anyway.


You will find multiple entities in the extended_entities field in the statuses returned by user_timeline. The extended_entities field is returned whether or not you pass tweet_mode=extended. FWIW, there is a tweet_mode=extended option for user_timeline. If you pass it, you will get a full_text field in the returned statuses that is not truncated at 140 characters.