Is it possible to get compact list of tweets IDs for usage with loadTweetWithID?




I’m looking for a way to get a list of tweets IDs which going to be used with loadTweetWithID method of Twitter SDK.

Right now I see the only option to call “” - but it’s response terrible huge! (I mean what the app got all information about tweets + additional info) I assume what SDK loadTweetWithID will also call for tweet’s details, so the app will be loading these data twice - I’m really don’t like it from the point of networking optimization.

Is it possible to use some other API endpoints to get only (or with minimal additional data) the list of some user account’s tweets IDs list?

Right now the app is using TWTRTimelineViewController provided by Twitter SDK, but I’m going to change standard UI to a custom one that’s why I’m trying to use TWTRTweetView instead of TWTRTimelineViewController.


You may supply your own JSON object to our single Tweet renderers if you would like to make one network request and place individual Tweet views inside your preferred UI.


Hi Niall, thanks for the hint but the issue is what the app doesn’t know about particular Tweets IDs - it’s developed to present 2 timelines simultaneously - right now it’s implemented with two separate TWTRTimelineViewController and I’m going to replace them with one “chat” controller. That why I need to know IDs for individual TWTRTweetView which will be merged into “dialog”.

May be I just need to implement own UI for Tweet view and use as data source.