Is it possible to get an inline video preview for YouTube videos?


I’ve seen lots of Vines showing up with an inline preview and @NFL seems to be able to get the clickable player to show up. Is it possible for me to do that with YouTube videos? Wen I try, I usually get the “View Media” button instead of a thumbnail. Sometimes, I don’t get any acknowledgement of a video at all.

Here’s an example of me failing at it:



Hi Rhune,

We’re limiting the release of inline preview. Surprisingly, some users do not want it automagically on their timeline, so we’re in the testing phases.

As we roll out, we’ll contact you with more info.



I finally figured out how to get a image preview, but can’t seem to get a video preview how do you do it I can see others have done it. Why is everything such a big mystery with Twitter


Hi @FlickSportsMan, only native photo uploads and Vine videos have inline previews. All cards must be expanded by the user. Apologies for any mysteries! If you have any further questions, please let me know.



In we can see url for video (…) .
Is it possible to get this url via API call?

Currently we have preview_url (POST accounts/:account_id/videos), but it looks like this is cached url so after a certain time (we don’t know exactly) it’s not working.

Tnx in advance!