Is it possible to get a tweet's replies without one of the paid API packages?


I’m working on a Windows 10 UWP client, and I’m trying to determine the best method of retrieving the responses to a given tweet.

I’ve found information on the old v1 API, but obviously that is all obsolete. Is there a way to accomplish this without paying for an expensive package?


First of all, thank you for contributing to the Twitter ecosystem. Your work is much appreciated.

You’d have to parse the mentions timeline for replies to a specific Tweet ID. There are a few existing posts out there that discuss this.


Well, from what I understand, this is a really limited method, because (a) it returns posts with some kind of quality filter enabled, meaning you aren’t guaranteed to get all responses to a tweet, and (b) with a free account I can only return the last seven days of content, which means anything retweeted (or something) that’s more than a week old is toast.

Am I correct in these assumptions?

Not only that, but the user mentions list only returns the last 20 mentions, which makes it useless for getting a complete list of responses for a given tweet.

This also won’t work for getting responses to a tweet from someone other than the logged-in user.

Is there seriously no straightforward way to retrieve the replies to a tweet? This seems ridiculously complicated for something that should be a core part of the public API surface.

The ability to view a tweet’s responses is pretty critical to any Twitter client.

@LeBraat can I please get some answers to my questions?


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