Is it possible to embed my protected tweets on a website?


I have a protected site. It is possible to embed unprotected tweets.
But is there a way to read my protected tweets and embed these on my website?


You would have to use server-side OAuth to retrieve your protected status updates from your own account (using your own access token), then convert those updates into an HTML representation in your application.


Thanks for your quick reply!
I’m gonna try it. Is it possible to ask you again when I’m stuck?
Is there a simple guideline how to use server-side OAuth in combination with Twitter?


These forums are here for you to ask as many questions as you like, though be sure and read all the resources we have available also :slight_smile:

[node:124] should give you some tips to get started with easy ways.


Hello there.
If is it possible, does anybody know how to do it?
I am very interested in learn how to just embed my own timeline’s protected account in my website freely to anyone.
Only I would need the way to get a xml like ’
I already have the OAuth tokens, but now I need just a code (javascript or php) to get my protected status updated into an xml file.
It would be very appreciated!

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