Is it possible to create an intelligent TwitterBot?


I’d like to create some kind of bot (creating a new account) that is able to automatically post some tweets, as well as learn from followers and offer interesting tweets (never promoting any kind of product/service, just text that people will “like” according to their activity and mentions to the bot). I’d like to create this as an experiment and will never spam tweets (idea is to post <=10 tweets per day), followback etc (I would explain everything in the account description tho, so people that follows know what they are following).

The idea is to create a bot that starts posting things related to a subject, previous training and then according to users interactions, mentions, follows etc, will be able to learn over this and offer some other better quality tweets.

Is this possible? Will I be in risk to be banned if I do so? Again, not trying to spam/promote/do any kind of harm.


Sounds like it would be possible to build. In terms of policy - check out which provides a lot more guidance on the kinds of behaviours that are accepted.


Already read that, but this was not that clear, since I will be using user activity to train the bot and to influence its behaviour.

Thanks for the reply :smile:


Have seen some scripts available that offers this level of ‘‘programming’’ options already. Love the idea & concept. Be interesting to see how many IF>>ELSE you will get in there for the ‘‘training’’ of the bot. Would love to see what you achieve following this approach. Are you going to blog about it or share some of the data you collect along the way? Would love to see what you achieve with this project over say 12 months or so. Good luck, sounds V interesting


Wont be any kind of if/else structure, I’m geting into machine learning, using it, the bot will learn itself, luckyly will learn what the most people around like and will post it.

This idea came to my mind a while ago and now that I have a bit of time I’d like to try it out, complexity of the bot will increase each time (or at least I expect that).

Sure, will document everything and show what I did, if I achieve something :slight_smile: