Is it possible to create a stream on a list?


Is it possible to create a stream on a list? just like user streaming with=following ?


Sure, you can get all list members with, extract user ids, and use the follow parameter on the filter stream


not happy with the solution as we need to restart the process whenever changes made to the list. :frowning:
thought i could get status updates from more than 5000 screen_name[s].by running stream on multiple lists…


No, there’s no way around the 5000 user id limit on the filter stream, and you need to restart the stream when the set of user ids changes anyway.

Another possibility is polling navigating it with count, since_id, max_id like a timeline for each list.


polling is hard to get all tweets in realtime and some tweet may be missed if number of updates is huge in short time of period.


If you need to do something like this, then you probably should take a look at the PowerTrack products from Twitter’s Gnip data service. They also allow you to dynamically inject new rules for filtering which do not require you to restart your process or reconnect. The public streaming API is not built for this kind of level of data volume.


what is the pricing for powertrack streaming api? is it affordable for individual ?:smiley:


Go to to contact the sales team. Be aware that enterprise APIs like PowerTrack are available on full annual subscriptions so typically are not ideal for most individual developers.

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