Is it not possible to prevent fake application name and URLs?


I come accross to so many malicious Twitter applications and I report them by Twitter forms but that websites changes app name, domain name or IPs and create new one. I know that to create a new app, mobile phone number should be given. But I guess this isn’t adequate.

Every day I take 20-30 mails from customers that they send unauthorized tweets or they make retweets without their information. I tell them to check their Twitter applications page. Then they say that they checked it and they say they don’t have any malicious applications. But when I check their applications, I see that some applications give fake application names. For example:

  • Twitter for iPad
  • Twitter Web Client M2
  • YoruFukurou
    When I tell them that these applications are malicious and fake, generally they don’t trust me.
    Because an application with “Twitter for iPad” seems so real.

I report these issues, then application becomes suspended. But website owner creates a new application and uses it. Generally they give fake app names.

I can show you an example:

So my suggestion, is it not possible to make users give their applications real names. And/or declare their real website address so users can know authorized application is fake or not ?


Anoher one:

When you visit site and click Sign in with Twitter, the screenshot below comes.
It is clear that this website isn’t Tweetdeck.
But when a user authorizes this app, and when a spammy thing occurs,
user can not know the bad application.

Twitter’s applications page shows this app as “Tweetdeck”.
If there is 6-7 or more application authorized, user must revoke all apps to find out the spammy one.


The most direct route to get non-compliant apps reviewed is to submit them through ‘I’d like to report an application causing spam or abuse’ unfortunately we’re not able to discuss the specific remediation status of third parties with other developers but do note we take all reports very seriously.