Is it normal to have to wait so much (one month) for getting access to the API?


I go there n time per day :slight_smile:

You’re on the waitlist!
Your application has been received. As with any new platform, we need to be able to test and refine as we scale in order to ensure a quality experience. Due to high demand, you’ve been added to the beta waitlist.

You’ll receive an email when you’ve been granted access. While you wait, check out our documentation, explore our tutorials, or read through our community forums.


It can depend on the use case you described, and the API you applied to use - was this the 30-day search premium API, or the beta for Account Activity API?

In both cases, we’re reviewing applications on a case by case basis and apologise if there is a delay in getting to you. It can also depend on whether you provided all of the detail we needed. We do typically aim for less than a month, but as I’m sure you can imagine, the demand and interest in our new developer APIs has been high.


I applied here one month ago:
The use is simple, can post tweets from my servers into my @altscom twitter account.
I use C# Tweetinvi library, I just need the credentials to start coding.

I will continue checking daily if the only thing I can do is wait. Thanks!


If you do not need a premium (commercial) API and are posting Tweets then the standard API is fine. You can just use to configure your app keys and tokens.


Work like a charm :slight_smile:
Thank You!

I was not aware, I naturally googled “twitter api” and was lead to this page where I submitted my application:

Not sure what it offers more but maybe you should indicate on this page there is a way to not wait. I am sure a bunch are signing there like me for extra options they do not need.

Thanks again Andy.


Hi Cybertonic,

So finally how long did it take for you to get granted? It has been 3 weeks since I applied a developer account and I’m still on the waiting list…

And I find no way to add more information to my initial application… I’m thinking whether more information would speed my case…



Replying to myself and also treating it as a reference for other developer account applicants, it took me around 4 weeks to get approved from twitter since the day I applied.


Does anyone know if you require a premium account to access the Sandbox feature type of the full archive (free version)? If not required, would the link posted above by andypiper provide access?



In my case, it took just one week to be granted. :smile:



Yes, you need to have a premium developer account in order to use the sandbox free tier of any of the premium APIs.

The link I provided above ( is currently the location where you can create and manage standard apps. In the future as the new developer dashboard is rolled out, all application management will happen in a unified location on the new developer website.


Hey Andy,

On the same topic we’ve had access to our developer account revoked. Sorry to cross-post but you seem to be knowledgeable and accessible. If you don’t mind, could you take a look at this and let me know what may have gone wrong? Developer Account Access Revoked

Thank you,



Got it. Thank you for clarifying!