Is it necessary to register an application just to get access to my own tweets?


I would like to have a custom twitter feed on my website which simply displays my own tweets, along with buttons for following, retweeting, replying etc. (which will be implemented using web intents)… therefore users will not need to log into this “application”. I created something similar a few years ago using v1.0…

To do so, I want to access the raw tweet data in json format from a php script so that I can display that data exactly how I want, such that it fits in with the look-and-feel of my website. Is there any way I can get this without registering this application (though I don’t know whether I would give it the honour of being called an application, really) for authentication for use with the REST API v1.1?

It’s not that I am reluctant to do so, it’s just that if this is an unnecessary step then it’s best I avoid it. I have looked around and searched a lot, but I can’t find anything which specifically relates to my situation.

Also, if I do have to register this application, would something like this still remain bound by the Twitter Display Requirements?


Hi there,

Yes, you have to register an application in order to get an API key that will allow you to retrieve responses from the API. You can use a form of auth called app-only auth that lowers the bar of entry quite a bit. Anywhere tweets are displayed are still subject to the display requirements.


Okay, I guess I will do that then. Thanks for the help!


I do have one question about the display requirements.

Given that all tweets are from the same account, is it still necessary to put the user information beside every single tweet? Or may I put it beside the entire stream?

Apart from retweeted items, of course… where I will have to specify the original tweeter.