Is it legal to sell sentiment based on Twitter data?


Hi. I would like to now whether:
1 it is legal to sell sentiment based on twitter data
2 it is legal to accomodate historical tweets for sentiment analysis

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the question! While we can’t provide legal advice via our forums, and you should consult with your own legal counsel if you have any questions, I can call your attention to a few important parts of the Twitter developer rules that would be relevant here:

  • In general, information derived from Twitter content is still covered under the Twitter Developer Agreement and Policy. Sentiment information derived from Tweets is one such example. You should ensure that any uses of the data resulting from your analysis are still used in accordance with Twitter’s rules and policies.
  • You may conduct analyses of historical Tweets, including sentiment analyses, provided those analyses comply with the developer rules. In particular, you should ensure that any data you store or analyze is kept up to date with the state of that data on Twitter.
  • All analysis of Twitter data needs to comply with our User Protection rules. Please review section VII.A (and in particular, VII.A.4) of the Developer Agreement for more information about certain types of analyses of sensitive categories which are prohibited.