Is it expected for Twitter web intents to not open within-app on iOS and Android?



I am following documentation posted here on integrating widgets.js into my website:

The documentation on Web Intents here: reads “Web intents are mobile web friendly, include native app handlers on iOS and Android when the Twitter app is installed”

When implemented, a “Share” / “Tweet” button on my website on iOS merely opens a new tab in the mobile browser (Safari). There is a handler at the top of the browser asking me to “Open in the Twitter app”, but that is only discoverable by swiping down, and then actionable by tapping again (which totally destroys the user’s likelihood to actually Tweet!).

I would expect from the documentation description above that a Web Intent button on mobile would open within the Twitter app if the Twitter app is installed.

Is this not the case? If not, is there any supported way to get a Web Intent button to open in-app?

Many thanks :slightly_smiling:


With which iOS version have you tried this?


I’m on iOS 9.2.1 (the latest IIRC)

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