Is it available to implement third party application subscribing some changed data in twitter with twitter api


I would like to implement third party android application subscribing changed data of specific user.
As you know, I can implement it with Facebook api ( ).
However i couldn’t find similar function in twitter api.
Instead of that, i just found streaming api but i think it’s not proper to my purpose.

What i want to do exactly is that if specific twitter user post his photo in twitter, my application user subscribing him should get notification from twitter api.

Is it available?


No, this is not available as an API method. You could use the Streaming API with the track parameter to listen for a specific user posting a new Tweet and create your own “notification” but there’s no separate way to subscribe for notifications.


Thanks for your reply


You told me that it is possible to implement what i told you but i should use the Streaming API
Actually, i looked through the document and i think that if i use the Streaming API, i should keep connecting.
I mean that I can subscribe and get notification when my application keeps connecting to twitter api.
I think it will have much overhead, isn’t it?