Is it acceptable to re-distribute the Twitter stream within our organization?


I am working with a research organization. They make use of various Twitter APIs including the Streaming API.

There are situations where multiple applications need access to the stream at the same time. For example, we run multiple types of analyses on the stream. We also have “testing” and “production” versions running simultaneously.

Is it against the rules to simply keep one stream alive from Twitter and then tap into that stream within our own organization? We won’t be distributing the stream outside of the organization. This would simply keep Twitter’s bandwidth down, eliminate congestion, and help keep our system fairly simple in terms of debugging and account access.

My goal would be to keep a stream open from Twitter and basically allow any computer within our organization to access it. Is this a good or bad practice and are there any implications?

It is important to note that our software doing analysis is distributed among multiple computers. Hence the reason to re-distribute the stream among multiple machines.



If you’re not resyndicating that content outside of your organization, this kind of approach is exactly what we’d expect you to be doing. This sounds totally kosher to me.


That’s what I was hoping to hear. It sounded reasonable to me. Thanks a lot for the quick reply and good information!