Is include_ext_alt_text still required?


According to the July 12 amendment to the blog post the include_ext_alt_text is no longer required since it is enabled by default. I’ve found this to be untrue, it is still required to supply the include_ext_alt_text param in order to retrieve the alt text.

Tested this with


Yes, this seems to have been reverted for the moment. Apologies for the confusion here.


Could the blog post be updated to reflect this? I was confused by this too.

Any particular reason for it to be reverted? I’d be surprised if adding new fields like that resulted in compatibility issues with existing clients.


Still requiring the param when shouldn’t. Please fix ASAP.


Here we are in 2018 and include_ext_alt_text is still required and the misinformation about it being on by default is still out there in the Twitter blog and the API documentation. This is an important feature for accessibility that should be part of the default payload for a tweet.


Note: include_ext_alt_text doesn’t appear to work with the search and filter API calls