Is implementing a multiple recipient DM features against dev rules and policies?


Hi, I read the dev rules and policies but couldn’t find an answer.
I want to implement a feature where my users could send message to multiple recipient (no more than 4 recipient per message),
I have my backend server that will be doing the work of matching messages to display them correctly if they belong to the same
conversation and will send a message to each user as if it was a single message directly sent to them.
So on Twitter services end it will be like the usual POST direct_messages/new call.
is there anything on the guidelines or dev rules to not do such a thing , just wanted to be sure that there’s no risk of being blacklisted because of this feature ?



Hi @monac1,
This feature does not currently violate Twitter’s terms. I recommend reviewing our Automation Rules ( as you may run into issues that could result in app suspension if your app facilitates users sending DMs in an abusive manner.