Is https necessary for mobile version of my site?


I am wondering can this be a reason why my player card wont be approved?
I have https on my full web website, but not on m.mysite,com


Hi Miloš,

You don’t need to have your entire website on HTTPS for Player Cards to be enabled, but you do need to have your player URL in HTTPS, as well as the assets you use inside.

You can also read more about troubleshooting Player Cards here:

Please share with us an URL if you need any further help.


OK, thanks.

It would be great if you can help me. I have received response that domain is not whitelisted.

This is the url:

Approval is rejected but i can’t figure out why. Do you have any idea what could i do?


I tried to open your player but it does not seem to work for me in a browser: Do you have any geo restrictions by any chance?

Also, please make sure your player works both on desktop and mobile. This is a requirement to get your domain enabled.



Hm… my link to player had https, but flash player that was embedded into that player used just http. I corrected that error now, you should see it now.

So considering mobile web, if my player uses flash that is not supported fully by mobile browsers (unless proper plugins are installed), will twitter use the image sent through meta tags as link to mobile website? Or i have to make fallback to download plugin, make HTML5 player or something like that?

Thanks for the help…