Is being deprecated?


Is being deprecated?

It seems that the help page makes no mention of it - and the search function within the REST api ( is the one which is being deprecated.

Please clarify!



The unofficial v1-ish /1/search.json method on was separately deprecated from the rest of API v1. is being deprecated on the same schedule as API v1 – meaning in March 2013, will cease functioning.

You’ll need to use API v1.1’s /1.1/search/tweets.json method instead.


The following OAuth authorized request doesn’t appear to work:

= %23, does not appear to work, returns 0 results. The old API was capable of searching on hash tag and now it’s not.

Is there some reason we wouldn’t be able to search on a hash tag? Seems like a necessary component of the search functionality.


It’s possible the library that you are using is mis-encoding the escaped “#” symbol by the time it is actually sent to our API. Verify your entire request path and make sure that it’s sending what you actually expect it to send, and that your OAuth signature base string also has the right amount of escaping. I have no issues making this request and getting results.