Is GIF supported for Video Website Cards


We are currently implementing Video Website Cards in our app, and we noticed that the Twitter documentation states that GIF is not supported for this card type:

Under the Video Website card heading
“File size: 1GB Max. Please note that GIFs are not supported in this card type.”

We have not yet come across any limitations in using GIF for Video Website Cards via the API. Can you confirm if this restriction is accurate for Twitter ads created via the API?


Thanks for the question, @meghan_nanigans.

GIFs are not supported for video website cards. If you try to use a GIF in create through the Ads API, you’ll see the following error:

$ twurl -X POST -H "/3/accounts/18ce54d4x5t/cards/video_website?name=VWC using GIF&title=Twitter Developers&video_id=16_963269281679945728&website_url="
  "errors": [
      "message": "Media Category must be set to amplify_video while uploading video media_ids"
  "request": {
    "params": {}