Is followers cursor fixed over time?


I’m fetching followers from twitter for specific profile. I’m using the cursor to fetch all followers.
but for some profiles they have millions of followers.
So my question is: if I saved the cursor I’m using now and use it later in time to the remaining followers, will it work as expected?

for ex. if a profile has 10 million of followers and I fetched 1 million now and saved the latest cursor I have. if after one month I use the same cursor to fetch the remaining 9 million followers. will this cursor be valid?


I do not believe that the curser is fixed over time. @andypiper might have a more confident answer for you here.

If you are bumping into rate limits, you can reach out to our enterprise team for details on an elevation.


Nothing to add here I’m afraid - I believe the cursor is dependent on where you are in the current set of requests. If you start over and the numbers of results are different, then the cursor position may change.

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