Is Fabric SDK necessary for Twitter sign-in for an Android application?



Wanting to integrate Twitter sign-in for my Android applicatioon (4.4+) and came to the conclusion that it was necessary to have the Fabric SDK / plugin for Android Studio. Is this the only way to to integrate an application sign-in using official Twitter libraries?

Currently my project has broken while integrating the Fabric plugin and while updating my build.gradle to include This is why I was hoping Fabric wasn’t the only way to go about this.

Any help, comments and suggestions would be insightful. Thanks,

p.s. My current error is during gradle sync / build:

Cannot find symbol import using Fabric

The correlating stackoverflow question explaining my project structure can be found here


Replace twitter-core in this line below

compile('') {
        transitive = true;

with twitter
so it would look like this

compile('') {
        transitive = true;


This worked. Thanks for your help, @yohan.

What a relief :smile: Small details.


:smile: no problem.