Is embedded timeline currently experiencing difficulties?


I have embedded the Twitter timeline on to our home page which has been working fine but today I noticed that it is not showing. In the browser console window there is the message “Unable to load timeline.”

Is there anything which I need to do to resolve this?


We are experiencing the same problem. Our Feed widget was working earlier today, now all it shows on our website is a hyperlink to our Twitter page.


I made a widget today to embed in my website and when I put the code into my HTML, instead of showing the widget “image” it just shows a hyperlink that says “Tweets from #SBDCWomens2013.” Help!


+1 - console shows “Unable to load timeline. widgets.js:8”

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Same here.


Same with us, we used the latest copy/paste code from the widgets section, and its not working…any ideas?


Thanks for these reports; I’m investigating.


Hi; I’m getting this error too.


Same issue for us too at

“Unable to load timeline. widgets.js:8”

Worryingly, we went to check our widget setting in our twitter account, and our widget is no longer there!


Same here… My client’s widget stopped working today:

As others have posted, Chrome’s console says "“Unable to load timeline. widgets.js:8”


We are experience the same problem. Please update us when it is resolved.


Same problem here. No JS errors, just an “Unable to load timeline.” in dev tools debugger.


Yep, I’ve got the same issue. Looking at the network traffic it seems the reply from the Twitter service is “Unable to load timeline”, with a Status code of 503. Please let us know when this is fixed.


We’re working to resolve this temporary problem. I’ll file a public issue and associate it with this thread.


@episod: Thanks, was going crazy trying to figure out if it was our code or not, but we didn’t even change anything, it was working fine (And its based on the new widget timeline code we copied and pasted as we just installed it last week) and it was working fine until today.

Our new game Dungeon Wagon is coming out in 4 hours for iPad and iPhone, so we’ve been preparing for the launch, so thats why if you could give us an eta as to when it would be up for our end users to view on our site again that would be awesome!


Same problem here! Glad to see it’s not our fault, lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Also having this problem. No errors, just a console log with “Unable to load timeline.” at widgets.js: 8.

Here’s hoping it won’t take long to fix.

Also, it seems to be affecting your own pages…


They’re in the middle of it now, we assume.


We are having same difficulty. Our many client sites down because of this glitch. There is no update on as well. Please, provide us with resolution.


Died on me today as well.