Is displaying Tweets from multiple Twitter accounts allowed?



New to the Twitter API and the accompanying rules.

I have a client who is wanting to setup a website about sports and he wants to be able to have tweets from the different teams displayed on his site. In short, he wants to be able to input a twitter URL into the backend of his site for each team he wants to track, and then have that teams tweets show up on his site. The site will clearly indicate that these are tweets from each team and he isn’t trying to make it look like he is the source for the content.

Is this allowed? If allowed, is it even possible using the API?

Thanks,in advance.


This can accomplished most easily using Twitter Lists and the Twitter List widget:

It is allowed to display public tweets by end-users, provided you’re following the terms of service and display guidelines – both available on this site.


I would like to get this data as an xml file and save to database. is this possible? How? How do I know what tweets were deleted later?


Hi @episod, I tried to open the link you provided, but it always opened this link
Am I missing something? Do you have steps to do this?


My post from 27 weeks ago refers to a widget that is no longer offered. We now offer the Embedded Timeline widgets instead, for which there is also a list variant offered.


Is there a way to do this without having to use a twitter widget? I don’t like any of the options provided and there isn’t one that does what i need it to do. I want to display the latest tweet from 5 different accounts. I know this can be done with the list widget but if 1 account has the most recent 5 tweets then they will all show up instead of one tweet per account. RSS was so simple and now i have to re do about 9 sites since the update!