Is a Twitter app allowed to tell users when someone unfollows them?


I have a vague memory that there is a clause in some part of the Twitter developer T&Cs that says that, while it’s OK for a third-party app to tell its user that someone has started to follow them, it’s not allowed to tell the user when someone unfollows them (e.g., “Joe User has unfollowed you.”). Is this correct, or am I misremembering something? Thanks for the help!


Found it – – I seem to have been correct:

“… you should only surface actions that are organically displayed on Twitter. For example, your Service should execute the unfavorite and delete actions by removing all relevant messaging and Twitter Content, not by publicly displaying to other end users that the Tweet was unfavorited or deleted.”


I am not sure if someone has unfollowed you fall in this category, however i would like to know too.


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