IP blacklisted


Here is what the feedback i received. My system clock is sync but still trying to figure as to what went wrong. Can someone please help?

Hi Arun,

Sorry, I no longer work on the platform relations team and am probably not the best person to help you – I recommend looking for help on dev.twitter.com/discussions.

Make sure that your system clocks are current in all environments you’re attempting to use the API. If you’re getting HTTP response codes back, your IP is not blacklisted. If you’re not getting HTTP response codes back, verify the network configuration on the machine that is not working.

On Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 11:06 PM, Arun Nair naira@merunetworks.com wrote:
Hi Episod!

I am a Solutions Engineer with Meru Networks and found your email address from one of the twitter forums. As part of a demo preparation I was testing twitter authentication through our guest management application and seems like my IP got blacklisted because of excessive auth requests or some other reason. The scenario is basically to provide a Captive Portal page for guest users to authenticate with using social media credentials allowing to join the wireless network. When I use the same twitter credentials from our application hosted elsewhere(public cloud or any other subnets )other than the specific Lab, things work fine. This makes me suspicious that the Lab server specifically is blacklisted. I can provide the public ip-address later, but would appreciate if you have suggestions in the mean time.

Arun Nair
Senior Solutions Engineer
Meru Networks.