IP blacklisted?



3 days ago I had a problem on my application which use the streaming API.
The stream was disconnected. A script tried to reconnect after 30s as usual.
It doesn’t work. Then my script tried to reconnect the stream during more than an hour every 30s.
Stopped the script and I wait.

Since 3 days I can not request the streaming API from server.

When I try to open to a stream, the api shutdown the stream with no reason. (no error code)
I tried the same query from my computer, It works (same user, same application, same token).
I tried from a another server, It works.
But from the server with this IP : , It doesn’t work.

The IP was blacklisted or suspended ?




Hello Franck,

Sorry for the delay in coming back to you. For your info, we have checked and your IP address has not been blacklisted, so you probably have been experiencing a technical difficulty.

Please keep us updated if you are still encountering some issues connecting to the Streaming APIs and let us know how we we can help.