IP banned from Twitter API



I created an application named Pyth-Grab with which I returned JSON information from Twitter’s REST API to python’s IDLE Console. My code worked fine until a coworker of mine asked to use my script to return the timestamps of her Tweets – unfortunately her IDLE console had been corrupted and she ran it from the command line and her requests constantly hung and ultimately returned nothing. When I tried to run my script once again, I found that I was no longer able to communicate with Twiiter’s API.

I visited “https://apps.twitter.com/” and it does not appear as though my application has been banned.

When visiting “https://support.twitter.com/forms/platform” I saw no option concerning contesting IP bans and from what I’ve read I’m not sure if I should post my Consumer ID here.

I haven’t seen a specific e-mail address through which I can contact Twitter’s support team and have noticed many topics where users have no been replied to. What is the most reliable way to contest this IP ban?

Thank you.