IoT Device


We would like to send tweets from an IOT device directly. We only have a tcp or udp connection. Is there anyway to do this ?


I guess you have two options:

  • use an HTTP client on your device to post tweets over TCP. Depending on the capacity of your device, typically you may have problems doing things like authentication or SSL, so this may not be possible.

  • connect to a proxy program which does the work of interacting with the Twitter API for you. In that case your device would simply send any data to your server-side program, and then that app would talk to Twitter.


Ok. Thank you ! Seems like a missed opportunity for twitter. There are a huge amount of Internet of things devices coming. They have little or no operating systems but most of them have the ability to make a TCP or UDP connection and send text. Introducing a middle man skyrockets cost when a simple Text to a twitter account like “Temp=75” would be immensely useful. Thank you for the information though. We were hoping to send tweets directly without all the extra baggage and cost.