Ios TwitterSDK update TwitterKit 3.3.0



As part of OS upgrade I updated pod and managed to break Twitter SDK.
Installing TwitterCore 3.1.0 (was 3.0.3)
Installing TwitterKit 3.3.0 (was 3.2.2)

Basic statement “Twitter.sharedInstance().logIn…” is reported as undefined. Downgraded to previous version and it works.

Didn’t see also release notes for above versions.


Release notes are now on Github.


I am using twitter composer. when i use both text and image it will tweet only image in ios11 but below 11 version it works perfectly, I am using latest twitter sdk.


@andypiper Are you aware of this issue?


I am not aware of the problem sorry.


@andypiper Please fix this issue. It is coming on latest twitterkit sdk i.e TwitterKit 3.3.0


I’m afraid I am not personally able to fix this issue. We appreciate the feedback and the teams are aware of your post.


Anybody knows if this has been fixed. In Changelog I can still see only 3.3.0 release…


I think the initializer changed in 3.3.0 and you need to call TWTRTwitter.sharedInstance.


Thanks Andy, will wait for it to mature and hope that docs get updated as well.


I have lots of problems with TwitterKit 3.3.0.
Somehow existingUserSessions of the session store object returns sessions that don’t qualify as session objects (class TWTRSession in swift). Not sure how that works out; this broke existing code for me too. Sadly, is loosely typed. Even checking class like this: “type(of:session)” returns TWTRSession… so I’m confused to say the least.


Experienced similar problems, like sessions don’t pertain, etc. Will keep pre 3.3.0 for a while…