iOS - TwitterKit Login -> Error Code 32


  • I’ve created Fabric acc and used Fabric app to add TwitterKit in to my iOS app.
  • iOS app has linked whitelisted Twitter app with Consumer Key (API Key) & Consumer Secret (API Secret).
  • I’ve regenerated Twitter app Access Token and Access Token Secret.
  • In .plist I’ve changed, generated by FabricApp, Consumer Key (API Key) & Consumer Secret (API Secret) to the same from Twitter App account
  • trying to login and get Could not authenticate you. (code 32)


Hey @Stories360,

Is this only happening on Login events or are you able to login, but not compose tweets? Can you share your app’s bundle id?



I cant login.



Strange things - now I can login. No changes was made by me.

No errors. Everything go smooth and nice.

was fighting with this 6h.


Hmm, very odd, but glad you’re all set. If you hit an issue again, please let me know.