iOS Twitter Login prompts for username and password instead of app authorization



Hello there,
I’m currently working on a mobile game and I’m using Fabric’s Unity SDK.
I noticed that Twitter iOS login screen is way different than the one on Android.

The main difference is that on Android, when I call Fabric.Twitter.LogIn Fabric calls Android’s Twitter App and asks the player to authorize the app to make requests on his/her behalf. On iOS, the same call shows a login screen with the game icon, and prompts the player for his/her username and password.

Is there a way to replicate the Android login scheme (authorization) on iOS?



Hi @bonnell,
I’m using Fabric’s Unity SDK, not Fabric’s Android or iOS SDK, which is why the iOS documentation is of no use in this case.

So, the question would be:
Is there a way to replicate the Android login scheme (authorization) on iOS using Fabric’s Unity SDK?

Thanks again.


Sorry @andreswx, I totally misread that. My apologies.

Right now, there isn’t within a Unity to replicate that experience. I’ll share this internally that you’d like to see it added.


No problem @bonnell.
Thank you for your response :slight_smile: