iOS Tweet with App Card



Has anyone ever gotten the iOS SDK to compose a tweet with app card? I am following the instructions here:

Although the TWTRComposerViewController displays correctly, I get a 401 error when I post the tweet. The TWTRComposerViewController successfully posts the tweet if no TWTRCardConfiguration is attached, which make me feel like my auth session should be ok.

More in this thread:


From the same documentation:
“Your application must first be whitelisted by Twitter in order to post Tweets with App Cards.”

Have you requested the app card permission added to your Twitter app and received confirmation permission was granted?


Niall, thanks for the heads-up. I had this confused with the whitelisting for app card meta tags. I’ve just put in a request at


@ianpurvis Hi, I’m getting the 403 Forbidden error trying to tweet an app card. As for you, normal tweets work and I have a working session, only the app card fails. Today, I tried to whitelist my app but was told by support that their “beta testing group for app cards is currently closed”. Did you get your app whitelisted or solve the problem some other way? Thanks, Bert


@Bert Hey Bert, I got the same response from Twitter support… I’ve ditched app cards in favor of content cards that link to our app server. From there we can invoke deep-links to our app or the iOS app store app.