iOS Native Ad Never Changes


I have been updating an app to use native ads instead of banners. The problem is that once an ad is loaded into a tableview it remains there for the life of the session - even when the tableview is refreshed, or the app is sent to background and then brought back to active. This makes monetizing from native ads almost impossible.

I have read that MoPub does have the ability to update on a timer like banners - I can understand that, but why are they not refreshed each time that the tableview refreshes?

As it is now, in my development version about three ads are loaded when the tableview loads, and despite the tableview refreshing every 500 m, or 5 minutes whichever come first, the ads are the same. Thus over many hours or even days of use the user only sees three ads. If you remover the app from memory and reload it completely - a behavior which Apple discourages - it will load new ads.

Is the accepted behavior or is there a problem with my how I am implementing the code?


I responded to your question on this thread. Let us know if you have additional questions!

Vu Chau
MoPub Support