iOS: MoPub native ads disappear from table view using client ad positioning



Developing an iOS app and using MoPub ads. Everything loads perfectly. Ads display exactly where I need them. I have to use client ad positioning because I have a pretty elaborate table with a bunch of different sections. And there’s no guarantee upfront how many sections the table will have, or where the ad should appear.

Anyway, as I scroll down the table, I can see the ad, but 3 out of 5 times, when I scroll back up the table the ad is gone. Scroll up and down and the ad appears and disappears. The space where the ad was is still there, but it’s empty. I can’t tap on it or anything. When I switched over to server side positioning, the ad always displays.

Any suggestions on what to do? I can try and provide more info if needed.


hello @ryjennings , a couple of questions to help us understand the issue:

Can you provide the MoPub SDK version you are using?
How are you using the code documented here?
How is the positioning being set differently in client side vs server side?

If you can email the answers to, we can help you further!