iOS Fabric bug: Can't endBackgroundTask




I have this warrning in Xcode console a minute after I send my app to a background:

Can’t endBackgroundTask: no background task exists with identifier 6, or it may have already been ended. Break in UIApplicationEndBackgroundTaskError() to debug.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new project in Xcode, install Fabric, TwitterCore and TwitterKit via CocoaPods.
  2. Install Log In With Twitter like in default code example from Fabric app.
  3. Run app in simulator and log in with Twitter account.
  4. Send app to background by going to Home screen, then wait for about one minute or less.
  5. See?


Hey @tadija,

Thanks for reporting this, I’m seeing the same warning as well and I’ll look into updating the code sample so that this doesn’t happen.



Hey @bonnell, thanks for the answer.

I don’t think that problem is in that particular code sample, but inside the framework itself, because I noticed bug in my project which doesn’t use that sample code.

Anyway if you make some kind of fix, please let me know here, thanks.


Will do and happy coding!

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